Tropical Punch Improv Las Vegas

We are proud to present Tropical Punch Improv Las Vegas providing entertainment for private parties and public shows for appreciative crowds throughout Sin City. Whether you would like entertainment downtown, The Strip, Convention Center, Henderson, Summerlin, Lake Mead or anywhere else in the area, Tropical Punch is ready to entertain your group or your venue.

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Tropical Punch Improv Las Vegas

The Strip - Downtown - Henderson - Summerlin - Lake Mead

While THEY improv leads the way for corporate events around the country, we are now proud to present our Tropical Punch providing Las Vegas comedy shows for the public, private parties, banquets and corporate events for appreciative crowds on the Strip or in the casinos downtown.

With people looking for quality entertainment and the great performers for THEY improv looking of additional performance opportunities, why not join the best for a fun evening of laughter with your friends and family?

castOur actors serve all major tourist destinations for corporate retreats including in the hotels downtown, the casinos on and off the Strip and the resorts that serve as meeting and convention facilities in the surrounding areas. So all of these locations and more are available for public shows if a venue would like to utilize our talent.

We have a variety of performances that can fit almost any venue. Whether you are a booker for a comedy club, a manager of a country club, a winery, a resort or a casino looking for entertainment for your patrons or a college activities board member looking for campus events, we can help you to achieve your goals.

stage showImprovisational comedy is a great way to enjoy an evening. It's lightning in a bottle and we couldn't have the same show twice even if we tried. Everything is made up on the spot. The audience shares the creative process and can be active participants in the fun. It's a perfect opportunity to enjoy a birthday party, bachelorette event or any other special occasion.

The area is a major destination for people from all around the US. There are world-class golf courses at the variety of superior resorts waiting for your group.

The area is also seen as a major zone for retirement for those that can afford to spend their golden years in the warmth of Nevada. THEY improv has programs that can go directly into the various communities providing entertainment.

Fortune 500 companies see the area as a place to go to motivate their employees. After all, who could shovel the snow out of their driveway without thinking about walking up and down the Strip or gambling with friends or catching a show?

For a variety of holidays, whether Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Years Eve or any other, we have special programs and can help your venue get the desired publicity for your event.

THEY improv can provide Tropical Punch shows throughout the area including in the hotels downtown, the casinos of the Strip, the area resorts in Henderson, Summerlin, Lake Mead and elsewhere.

Contact us by email at or by calling (866) 219-4386.