Tropical Punch Comedy Clubs

Tropical Punch Comedy Clubs bring entertainment to your venue. Whether it's providing a selection of comedians for your current venue or to create shows under the Tropical Punch Comedy Club brand name, we can help provide you with shows that will enhance your venue. We draw in new audiences, impress them with professional shows, and bring in new entertainers to keep the shows fresh and engaging.

Contact us about bringing professional talent to your venue! We'll discuss all sorts of options in terms of the shows, ancillary materials that are provided and publicity efforts. There's never an obligation until an agreement is reached, so contact us today!

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Tropical Punch Comedy Clubs

Entertainment With a Tropical Punch

comedianOur access to comedians allows us to provide you with a variety of talent and themed shows. This allows us to tailor shows to your potential audiences and to attain a degree of publicity for your events. This will draw new people to your venue and raise the awareness of your place.

We can also perform a variety of shows for charities at reduced costs. This allows us to help get the word out to the community while providing a valuable service. Simply ask us about our Comedy With a Cause program and we can discuss these options. It could be a wonderful way for us to prove our effectiveness in a very visible, but less profitable, environment.

As for the comedians we hire, we provide you with quality information abut the comedians, which allows you to publicize the event. Additionally, we have back-ups available just in case there is a health issue or other concern. We can also record elements of the show and depending on the comedian, possibly make that material available to you for use in videos on-site, or even possibly on-line.

Don't have a comedy club? We can convert a bar, conference room, banquet hall, restaurant or other gathering spaces into one! We can do this at different levels, from just lending the name to redesigning spaces. Simply contact us to discuss the options.

comedianThe shows can be from a variety of options. We can have a more traditional stand-up comedy show. This can be a cast of comedians that rotate positions at different venues. We could have a featured performer, or even a headliner. These can provide a different sort of evening. And we always have improv comedy show options that can keep people laughing in a high-energy show. These shows are more like a Whose Line Is It Anyway? type environment.

We can provide these at any venues in the country while we are trying to develop tours that would travel between venues. This means that we can have monthly venues or daily shows and are looking to convert hotels, bars and restaurants into quality venues, though hotels have an advantage because they can provide accommodations for the performers. We would work your needs into our rotation of performers and this would operate somewhat like a franchise. Of course, we have a greater presence for performances in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Naples, Fort Myers, the Florida Keys, Boston, New York City, Atlantic City, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Silicon Valley, Wine Country of Napa, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Portland and Seattle as well as the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Simply contact us to ask about setting something up anywhere else.

Contact us by email at or by calling (866) 219-4386.